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Enrichment/Academic Tools

The pillars of Faith, Academics, Wellness, and Security are what drive the philosophy and mission of Paramus Catholic High School. Together, these pillars encourage students to reach their maximum potential. To help all the students of Paramus Catholic achieve success, there are academic tools and programs in place for every student.
Students can avail themselves of the Writing Center. Students are encouraged to submit any written essays to the writing center via email. These essays are reviewed and edited by a teacher from the English department and a digital revised copy is sent back to the students through their school email accounts. All submissions require at least a 48-hour turnaround. This tool encourages students to begin their assignments early and they also learn the art of revision and publishing of scholarly work. All submitted work must be in MLA format.
Submit papers to [email protected] .
Peer tutoring is also available Monday-Thursday. This tutoring program is run by the National Honor Society moderators and student members who conduct the sessions. All subject matters are covered. To request a tutor please fill out this form.
For additional information, please contact your student's guidance counselor.
Please note that all teachers remain in their classroom Monday-Thursday until 2:27 pm. This allows for a student to visit with teachers for clarification of content or extra help.
Under the leadership of Dr. Stephanie Macaluso, students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential and are given the necessary tools to do so. Paramus Catholic prides itself on the encouragement and energy given to the students to excel, grow, and thrive.