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Catholic High School in Paramus, New Jersey


Paramus Catholic High School: A dynamic, community-oriented approach to Catholic high school learning. 


About Paramus Catholic High School 

Paramus Catholic High School offers faith-based coeducational college-preparatory learning grounded in Christ. While our students are exposed to the highest quality academics, they’re also focused on spiritual growth, becoming more rounded individuals ready to enter the world as socially responsible, mature, ethically sound adults. It is our belief that students flourish when they are given role models who exhibit the very behaviors we expect; for that reason, we encourage everyone in the PCHS family to model core values of community, compassion, honesty, respect, and responsibility not only in the classroom but in everything they do. 


Together, we seek to raise up our students to have meaningful personal relationships with God while honoring the teachings of Jesus Christ and mastering a wide range of academics. With faith, innovation, critical thinking, and civic duty on board, Paramus Catholic High School students have the best chance at fruitful, balanced lives that contribute to personal well-being as well as the common good. 


Our Student Body 

In a world that can often feel segregated by gender, background, and opportunity, Paramus Catholic High School is proud to offer a place to girls and boys from a diverse array of cultures and socio-economic situations. That diversity helps foster an inclusive environment that promotes awareness and offers students insight into personalities, traditions, and even hobbies they might otherwise never encounter.


Students thrive in a structured environment that expects excellence and deals swiftly yet fairly with any issues that may arise. By encouraging confidence and positivity instead of stressing punishment, we help students embrace their individuality while also gaining a more thorough understanding of what it means to be a part of a community. 


Programs And Facilities 

As the largest private school in New Jersey, Paramus Catholic High School is able to offer academic and extracurricular programs that would not be sustainable in a smaller environment. Our curriculum includes 141 courses, 33 of which are honors level and 21 additional courses are designed as AP. 


Science, technology, and the arts have a happy home at PCHS. From our fully networked classrooms to our state-of-the-art labs to a 3,000-square-foot music conservatory and amphitheater perfect for student showcases, we’ve created ample opportunities for students to stretch their creative wings and investigate biology, computer science, and beyond.


As for athletics, we’re affiliated with the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and The Big North Conference, ensuring our sportier students have access to healthy competition and a way to hone their talents. Our on-site facilities include: 


  • A scenic 27-acre property shaded by the woods and complete with a pond
  • A 1,500-seat football stadium carpeted with artificial turf
  • Regularly irrigated sports fields dedicated to soccer, baseball, and softball
  • A tennis court covered by a 22,000-square-foot bubble for all-weather capability
  • A 900-seat gymnasium
  • A fully air-conditioned weight training and conditioning facility 


Add in other incredible features like a television studio prepped and ready for digital production and cablecast and an assisted learning center with its own computer lab, and it’s easy to see why we’re in the top 1% of Catholic schools nationwide. 


Experience The PCHS Difference 

Though we are immensely gratified by our reputation and standing in the Paramus community and beyond, we’re not content to sit on our laurels. As we recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of our collective past, we also look to the future. Alongside tradition comes the promise of innovation and change. As our students evolve, so do we — and vice versa. This is how we continue to enhance the faith of our student body and adhere to the authenticity and transformative power of Catholic teachings while also supporting the very best in academic excellence.


To learn more about Paramus Catholic High School, contact us via our online form or call 201-445-4466 to schedule a visit.


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