Catch up with Col. Evangeline Rosel, PC'93.

Paramus Catholic thanks the Paladin families that helped get us through the Covid pandemic.

Thank you to all who made the 4th Annual PC Golf Outing a success.


Paramus Catholic continues to leave its doors open to its alumni. In turn, Paramus Catholic would like to keep in contact with graduates. If you have moved out of the area please send your updated information to All important news and events can be found in the Paladin Magazine which has gone paperless and is available throughout the year on the PC Alumni Facebook page and through email.

 Alumni Contact  

Paramus Catholic knows how important it is for former students to reunite and celebrate their graduation. Here at PC, we are dedicated to making your class reunion a grand celebration. Please allow us to help you coordinate your reunion and be a part of your special evening. Many websites offer to assist you in your reunion efforts but charge a fee and have no affiliation with the school. In order to ensure a beautiful evening among classmates, please call Scott Langan at 201.445.4466 x121, or email to begin your reunion process.

Paramus Catholic Alumni are active throughout the country and around the world. Your fellow alumni run for public office, operate successful businesses, and work in a wide variety of community organizations. In order for Paramus Catholic to maintain its ability to produce well-rounded young men and women who are successful in all aspects of their lives, financial support from our Alumni community is essential. Your generosity is crucial to Paramus Catholic's ability to fulfill its mission. Your support not only illustrates pride in your alma mater, but your continued commitment to academic, athletic, and facilities enhancements for the young people who will one day join the ranks of Paramus Catholic's Alumni. To those of you who have contributed in the past, we thank you. To those considering making a donation to Paramus Catholic, we hope you will be generous.


A Paladin is a Champion


Attention Alumni ~

Paramus Catholic could use your help. Over the years there have been 52 graduating classes of Paladins. It is our hope that each of our alum contributes to our Alumni Fund. Imagine what we could do for our students if each alum were to make a contribution, no matter the amount. We have a powerhouse of graduates and they can in turn give back to Catholic education by supporting our mission. We will be launching our “Paladin 425 Through the Years” fundraiser. Beginning with the year 1969 through present, we are looking to garner donations from at least 30 alum in each class. Imagine what we could do if each alum were to donate $42.50! 

We understand that this Pandemic has hit people hard, and we are humbled by any donation you could offer.



PC Alumni Committee
If you are interested in joining our PC Alumni Committee that meets at various points throughout the year and communicates through email, please email  with your full name and graduation year.