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Freshman for a Day, Paladin for Life


Be Advised: Due to the Archdiocese of Newark’s COVID-19 regulations, Paladin for a Day is currently put on hold to ensure the safety of our community. Paramus Catholic will be offering a virtual Paladin for a Day experience in October. Please contact our Admissions Office by calling 201-445-4466 x104 or via email for  any questions or concerns.



All prospective students looking to apply to Paramus Catholic are strongly encouraged to be a Paladin for the Day. Visiting Paramus Catholic for a day is an essential way to see what we are all about through the eyes of a student. Attending classes, meeting students and faculty, witnessing our community is often what shows young men and women that Paramus Catholic is the best place for them.


Students should arrive at 8:15am and report to our Main Lobby where they will be greeted by a Diplomat and our Admissions team. Visitors may request a Paladin whom they would like to spend the day with, or they will be paired with one of our Diplomats.


 Paladin for a Day Visitation  Form


We look forward to meeting you as a Paladin for the Day!


A Paladin is a Champion

A Paladin is a Champion