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Father Hummel
Paramus Catholic is a Christ-centered, coeducational, college preparatory regional high school of the Archdiocese of Newark. PC strives to be certain that every student is given the opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential. Faith, Academics, Wellness, and security are the pillars of a Paramus Catholic education. It seeks to foster the spiritual, academic, and emotional development of a diverse student population - diverse in ethnicity, socio-economic, and cultural background, as well as in a range of academic ability. It seeks to remain as accessible to as many families as possible through cost-effective management and a generous financial aid program. The diverse student body creates an environment in which the dignity of each individual is valued and in which students gain important life skills through real-world experiences. These skills provide them with vision and global awareness to seek justice and tolerance in their adult lives.

As the largest private co-ed school in New Jersey, Paramus Catholic is committed to remaining responsive to the individual needs of each student. We will maintain comprehensive student support services and campus ministry programs. The class size will remain relatively small. Academic and behavioral standards will continue to be clearly articulated, while students will be encouraged to be their own person and manifest their own individuality and creativity.

The school will maintain an environment that will invite students to feel comfortable and at home while also structured and safe. The facilities will remain open to all students long after each school day for formal extracurricular activities and opportunities for informal socialization among all students.

The curriculum and teaching strategies will continue to challenge each student to develop deep and broad perspectives in the sciences, humanities, and the arts. Well credentialed, devoted, and faith-filled faculty will elucidate the learning of each student through the synergy of creative teaching and the latest technologies.

The witness of the staff, authentic Catholic teaching in each classroom, formal campus ministry programs, and the welcoming climate of the school will continue to enhance the faith development of each student.

Paramus Catholic will not rest on its traditions of the past. It has adapted to the changing needs of its students. It will continue to adapt and set new horizons for its future.


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