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Enrichment/ Academic Tools in Paramus, New Jersey

Enrichment activities for high school students encourage achievement and personal development. At Paramus Catholic High School, our featured programs in Paramus, New Jersey, emphasize academics, technological capability, health, and the arts. The quality of education that students receive is enhanced by these enrichment programs and academic tools.

In keeping with the mission and philosophy of Paramus Catholic High School, students are supported by the four pillars of faith, academics, wellness, and security to reach their maximum potential. Teachers and administrators offer curriculum-based assistance, as well as our peer tutors. Students with learning differences are offered accommodations.

Writing Center Resources

The writing center at Paramus Catholic High School helps students develop the skills they need to communicate effectively. These skills encompass more than assigned essays and paragraphs, although these are at the core of the work of the writing center. However, communication and writing skills today include oral presentations that utilize visual tools, such as PowerPoint slides and even video scripts.

All written essays and other compositions can be sent via email to the writing center for review. A teacher from the English department will review and edit the document. Allowing for a 48-hour turnaround window, the student will receive a revised copy in their school email account. Not only does this encourage students to complete and submit their assignments promptly, but it also exposes them to the processes of editing and revision so important at college, and for the publication of scholarly work.

The writing center requires all submissions in MLA format. Submit writing projects for review and editing to [email protected].

Peer Tutoring by National Honor Society Members

Peer tutoring provides a special opportunity for student members of the National Honor Society. Run by moderators, as well as the students, this service helps make valuable connections among the student body. When tutored by someone the same age who attends the same school, unique exchanges and eureka moments can result.

Covering all subject matters taught at Paramus Catholic High School, peer tutoring is available by request by filling out this form. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your student’s guidance counselor.

Schedule Time with Teachers

The dedicated teachers at Paramus Catholic High School are always available to assist students with their academics. This is a valuable resource for our students. Teachers stay in their classrooms Monday through Thursday until 2:27 pm. By knowing where a teacher will be, students can make appointments, ask quick questions, or make other arrangements. When students need clarifications on course content or extra help with the subject, our teachers are ready to help them.

Enrichment Activities for High School Students

Through these and other enrichment activities and academic tools, we make sure that students receive the help they need to excel in academics. Faculty, staff, and students work together to hold each other up and facilitate excellence at Paramus Catholic High School.

Under the leadership of our principal, Dr. Stephanie Macaluso, students are encouraged to strive to reach their maximum potential and are provided with the tools to succeed. Through these enrichment activities for high school, we help our students excel, grow, and thrive.

Discover Faith-Based, Coeducational, Catholic Education

People who live in Paramus, New Jersey, and the surrounding area know that Paramus Catholic High School is a powerhouse of academic achievement. Because we encourage the development of the whole student, we also offer many athletic and artistic opportunities at our school. For more information about high school enrichment programs and enrollment, contact us today