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Writing Center in Paramus, NJ

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The ability to express ideas in writing is fundamental to a positive high school experience and a successful college career. The learning process relies on communication: in lectures from teachers, through reading and note-taking and in the essays, reports and presentations created by students. Our high school Writing Center is an academic tool that helps improve writing and thinking skills. The Writing Center at Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, New Jersey, helps students pursue better writing skills and a higher GPA.


About the Writing Center

Reflecting the values of Paramus Catholic High School, the Writing Center encourages positivity and intellectual confidence. Using methods rooted in respect and honesty, the teachers help students express their ideas more fully. In this way, students learn how to communicate effectively, while developing their skills in sentence structure, grammar and argument.

Our experienced teachers provide this assistance to all students, in all subject areas where essays, reports and presentations are assigned. Our programming is designed so that students can accomplish the following and more:


Submit Completed Writing Assignments for Review

Students are encouraged to submit completed essays and other written assignments from classes across the curriculum, on any subject. Submissions are made to this email address: [email protected]. The submission should be a Microsoft Word document attached to the email. Students must include their name and homeroom number. An English teacher will read the essay and provide feedback.

Allow 48 hours for the teacher to read the submission and make suggestions using the review function in Microsoft Word. The essay will be returned via email to the student. To take full advantage of the Writing Center, students must finish their assignments in advance of the due date to account for the 48 hours necessary for the review process.


Receive Feedback on College Application Essays

Students work long and hard on the essays attached to college applications. These essays are a way to express individuality, interests and achievements. They also are viewed as an opportunity for applicants to showcase plans for achievement or connection with the culture and history of the college to which the application is made. Access to our Writing Center can make a big difference in the quality of these essays. Students are encouraged to submit their college application essays to the Writing Center so that an English teacher can help with this important task.


Improve Academic Skills

Students can actively use the Writing Center to develop better skills in writing and thinking. By repeatedly writing down ideas and making connections, whether based on fact, logical argument or imagination, the processes of thought are advanced. Receiving suggestions and corrections made by the English teacher helps students become more open-minded and accepting of outside knowledge. By routinely using the Writing Center, students become more experienced in sharing ideas, aware of their usual writing errors and confident in expressing themselves.


Learn More About Our Writing Center Today

The Writing Center at Paramus Catholic High School, in Paramus, New Jersey, helps students polish their writing skills and potentially achieve better grades. With experienced English teachers reviewing submissions, including essays for college applications, and returning them to students within 48 hours, students learn practical writing skills that help them in high school and beyond. For more information, contact us today.