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March 27, 2020 

Dear Paramus Catholic Families, 
     I am praying that you are well and that your family is healthy and safe. Every part of our lives has changed. With the grace of God, we will get through this stronger than ever. My Faith has always been an important part of my life, but now it is a vital part. Our school has bonded us together as a family during this very trying time. 
     Despite the unfolding circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of remote learning continues to be successful in schools while our teachers continue to prepare lessons, deliver instruction, provide assistance and feedback to students, check and grade student work, and respond to parent and student questions and concerns. These remote learning days are considered instructional days by the New Jersey Department of Education. I have instituted an “Academic Assistance Plan” for any students struggling academically. Please send an email to Mrs. Godau, Director of Guidance, at 
     The work completed during this time of remote learning will be included in determining the student’s completion of requirements for his or her grade or course credit. At this time, it is unknown how long the closure will last, given the state of emergency in New Jersey and beyond. During this period, tuition will not be waived or adjusted. Our students continue to receive the education provided by our faculty and supported by various school resources.        Please note that any family that is experiencing financial difficulty may extend their tuition payments through June 30, 2020. You should send validation of job/income loss sent to Mr. Declan Lynch at 
     Please take note of the following changes to the Student Calendar. There will be no final exams. Only those students who are taking AP classes will complete a final AP exam. This will be done online through AP. The last day of classes for Seniors will be May 15, 2020. We do hope to implement as many virtual extracurricular activities as possible. Please, continue to stay connected through our website as well as our social media platforms. 
On our website, located on the Parents tab, there is an Open Forum link which I have set up for questions or comments. 
        The direct link is:                                         
 Lastly, as we all need a break away from Virtual Living, the last day of classes for Easter break will be Friday, April 3, 2020 at the completion of the last class. Classes will resume on Monday, April 20, 2020. 
Information will be posted concerning Holy Week Services. 
      At any time I am  available to you at I wish everyone good health and safety during this time. 

In your gratitude, 
Principal Macaluso 
Prayer at this time…… 
We ask you to heal those that are sick with this virus, to protect those who are well, and to prevent its spread. We ask for protection for our family and friends, for ourselves, and for everyone around the world, especially for the elderly and immune compromised. We place our hope in you— our Healer, our Savior, our Mighty Fortress, and our God! Amen. 
Archdiocese of Newark Lenten Obligations  
The days of both Fast and Abstinence during Lent are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. If possible, the fast on Good Friday is continued until the Easter Vigil (on Holy Saturday night) as the “paschal fast” to honor the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus and to prepare ourselves to share more fully and to celebrate more readily His Resurrection. The other Fridays of Lent are days of Abstinence.  
 On a day of Fast, only one (1) full meal is permitted, and two (2) smaller meals, which, if added together, would not exceed the main meal in quantity. Those between the ages of 18 and 59 are obliged to fast. On a day of Abstinence, no meat may be eaten. Those who have reached the age of 14 are obliged by the law of abstinence.  

Paramus Catholic at a Glance

  • 21 certificateB AP Courses
  • 33 Honors Courses
  • 99% of graduates go on to a four-year college
  • 150 seats in Music Conservatory and Amphitheater
  • 27 landscape acre campus