Principal's Message

Week of May 23, 2022 
Dear Paramus Catholic Families, 
     The Junior and Senior Proms are now past us; however, I would like to publicly tell the Paramus Catholic Families how proud I am of the behavior at both proms. Students had a wonderful time…. enjoyed tasty food, danced, and spent time with friends. Good character and behavior start at home, and I thank you for sending such fine young women and men to PC. Please know that currently I am scheduling seminars for parents for the upcoming school year. Please email me at with any recommended topics you may feel our parents would like to learn about. 
     Outside my office door is a bulletin board showing photos of all faculty and staff. I cannot count the number of times students pass it and point out to their friends who their teachers are with pride. Thank you to all PC faculty, counselors, coaches, and staff for being the best for our young people.  
     Please remember that we are now in the last stretch of the academic year. It is at this time that students should seek help utilizing all the academic tools available to them. It is important that they end the year as strongly as they can. It is encouraged to reach out to your child’s guidance counselor with any concerns. 
     Please keep the Class of 2022 in your prayers and thoughts as we celebrate the Baccalaureate Mass on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. We pray that each graduate is granted a lifetime of faith, health, and happiness. 
Please note that Friday, May 27, 2022, there is no school, as this begins Memorial Weekend. Enjoy the weekend and stay safe. 
I wish you a healthy and good week, 
In your gratitude, 
Dr. Stephanie Macaluso