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Health Office in Paramus, New Jersey

The Health Office serves as a coordination point for programs and promotes overall high school health at Paramus Catholic High School. There are a variety of health initiatives contained in our student wellness program, athletic department, cafeteria nutrition program, and curriculum. Students in Paramus, NJ, are encouraged to embrace physical, mental, and spiritual health as they explore their personal development within a supportive high school community.


Welcome to the Health Office

Parents and students can contact the Health Office during school hours, Monday through Friday during the school year. We understand that two important elements of adolescent health are education and professional guidance. Intending to provide a safe and supportive environment, the Health Office encourages personal responsibility, the adoption of healthy routines, and open communication.


If there are high school health concerns to discuss, you can always reach the nursing staff by phone:

Pat Colello ext. 164

Kathy Heckel ext. 184


Common Health Forms for High School Students

We are providing several of the most commonly requested health-related forms. Please note that some forms must be filled out and signed by your physician every year.


Exchange of Confidential Information

The Exchange of Confidential Information form allows medical practitioners to exchange information with the Paramus Catholic High School nursing staff and other school officials. If a student has an injury, or chronic condition, or is receiving short-term treatment that school nursing staff should be aware of, please submit this form.


Sports Physical

The Sports Physical form is necessary for participation in all levels of school sports and fitness pursuits and is required each year.


Medical Concussions

The Concussion Medical form is required for students who have experienced a concussion. It provides medical instructions and indicates when the student can return to specifically defined levels of physical activity or participation in sports.


Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis form outlines an emergency care plan for students with allergies during regular school attendance. It is an important tool for anticipating potential emergencies. Please complete this form each year.



The Asthma form must be filled out for students with asthma. If the student has asthma, please complete this form with a physician each year.


High School Health at Paramus Catholic High School

We believe that healthy bodies and healthy minds work together, and encourage our students to embrace practices that promote life-long wellness. We offer opportunities to participate in a variety of sports activities, as well as facilities for personal fitness. The school is situated on 27 acres that allow students to get outside in beautiful natural surroundings.


We offer indoor and outdoor training facilities and physical education classes for all grade levels. In grade 9, students are required to take a course on health in which they learn about growth patterns, personality development, and high school health topics, including substance abuse and eating disorders.


Additional Resources for High School Health

The guidance department assigns counselors to each student at Paramus Catholic High School. There are scheduled meetings at least twice a year. In addition to helping students select courses and meet graduation requirements, the school counselors listen to students. We are concerned about their emotional, interpersonal, and personal development, and are here to help our students.


Being able to discuss issues and problems with a professional counselor keeps the lines of communication open and allows us to offer appropriate resources. Guidance counselors may also offer assistance to students and their families. Open communication with parents, guardians, and students is welcomed and encouraged by all guidance department staff.


The process of preparing for graduation, making plans for the future, and applying to colleges can be a stressful time that impacts high school health. Our guidance counselors are ready to assist with any issues that arise. By offering consistent support to students at Paramus Catholic High School, we can help them stay on track while in school and after graduation.


High School Health and Wellness in Paramus, New Jersey

Discover the many resources for health and wellness provided to students at Paramus Catholic High School. We prepare our students for bright futures by encouraging their physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth and development. For more information about our programs for students in Paramus, NJ, and the surrounding areas, contact us today.