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Paramus Catholic High School is built on the concept that students deserve a welcoming and encouraging environment in which to learn. We offer small class sizes and adaptive curriculums that evolve alongside our student body. Add in a diverse slate of extracurricular activities, and it is easy to see why Paramus Catholic graduates go on to pursue higher education, careers, and spiritual callings with confidence, determination, and grace.


Enrolling your child in an affordable high school is an opportunity to facilitate a high-quality education that is also affordable. At Paramus Catholic High School, we know that finances can play a significant role in scholastic decisions. As you contemplate your child’s future, get to know our tuition schedule and scholarship options.


Paramus Catholic High School 
Tuition for 2024-2025 $13,500.00
Capital Improvement Fee  $350.00
Athletic Fee (Athletes only, one-time fee) $250.00


Registration fee for the 2024-2025 school year is:

Up to and including February 29, 2024 $350.00       non-refundable
March 1 - June 30, 2024 $500.00       non-refundable
July 1 - August 30, 2024 $600.00       non-refundable
After September 1, 2024 $850.00       non-refundable 

All registration fees are non-refundable 


Graduation Fee  (Senior Year)                                $475.00

(This fee covers Year Book, Cap and Gown, Diploma, Senior Photo Sitting, etc.)


All Paramus Catholic families are required to participate in fundraising efforts. Each family is responsible for a $200.00 fundraising fee per year, which can be done in various Paramus Catholic events. If this is not fulfilled by March 2025, this fee will be reflected in the final tuition payment of April 2025. 

You may choose to pay the tuition in full for a discount of  $250.00 or make monthly tuition payments. 


All tuition payments, regardless of the payment schedule, must be made through the FACTS Tuition Management plan. Please visit https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3K591 to create your tuition payment plan agreement.

For assistance with the payment process or other payment-related questions, please call FACTS Tuition Management at 866-412-4637.



PC Financial Aid:

Families with demonstrated financial need have several options for funding. General financial aid is application-based and processed confidentially outside the purview of Paramus Catholic. 

Please visit https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3K591 to submit your application!  Applications are due by December 31, 2023.


Aquinas Scholars: Academic Scholarships at Paramus Catholic 

 In addition to our competitive tuition rates, Paramus Catholic offers several scholarship opportunities, making our school an especially attractive option for families interested in balancing quality and financial needs. One such program is Aquinas Scholars, a challenging curriculum designed with the most motivated, academically gifted students in mind. Admittance to this invitation-only program hinges on two factors:


                         Performance on the Archdiocesan Admissions Exam (HSPT)

                         Prior academic achievement in grades seven and eight


Students selected to participate in the Aquinas Scholars program receive substantial scholarships that are renewable each year dependent on continued program participation and academic performance. 





Other Grants and Aid:

The SFIC Newark Archdiocesan Sponsored Program: The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children (SFIC) focuses on the applicants with the greatest financial need.  Please visit https://sficnj.org/parent-student-portal/ for more information.


Tri-County Scholarship Fund: This fund is only open to students who live in Passaic, Morris, and Sussex counties who apply via PC financial aid at https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3K591


Tri-County Scholarship Fund awards approximately 500 Kindergarten through 12th grade scholarships each year to qualified students whose parents complete the financial aid application by uploading their family financial information onto the secure and confidential FACTS website by the February 14, 2024, which is the scholarship application deadline. For more information please visit https://www.tcsfund.org/


Columbus Citizens Foundation Scholarship: The Foundation awards scholarships to students of Italian heritage who can demonstrate financial need and have shown success in their studies and involvement with their communities.



Alumni Pride Grant: Children of Paramus Catholic alumni automatically receive a $500.00 tuition discount.


Sibling Discount: Applicants who already have a sibling currently enrolled in Paramus Catholic are eligible for an $1,000.00 discount per child.


Catholic Elementary School Teacher’s Discount for Tuition: We have incredible pride and admiration for our Catholic elementary school teachers. Those under contract for the current school year have access to a $500.00 discount for each child entering Paramus Catholic High School.



If you are a potential student or parent interested in joining the Paramus Catholic High School family, contact us online or call the school directly at 201-445-4466 for more information.


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A Paladin is a Champion