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Framed Paramus Catholic High School Mission Statement Summary Statement


The vision of Paramus Catholic High School can be encapsulated in three words: grow, thrive, and excel. These watchwords succinctly express the attitude of our school community towards each student. The administration, staff, parents, alumni, and student body work together to help create an academic, athletic, and social environment that promotes achievement, diversity, and faith. Located in Paramus, New Jersey, and part of the Archdiocese of Newark, we strive to meet and exceed the high standards expressed in our mission statement.

Mission Statement 


Paramus Catholic High School, a coeducational college-preparatory school, is a welcoming, collaborative, and unifying community. Centered in Christ, we are committed to spiritual growth, academic excellence, social responsibility, and the personal development of all students.

Mission Statement Beliefs and Values

As we cultivate and encourage growth, vitality, and excellence in all students at Paramus Catholic High School, we adhere to the following core beliefs and values.

  • Students actively seek personal growth and participate in the educational process to build a foundation for success.
  • Everyone must take responsibility for their actions in academic and social endeavors to meet our standards of ethical behavior.
  • We foster positive interactions in the school and community by demonstrating good character, respect, and acceptance of all members.
  • Students are encouraged to demonstrate initiative, resourcefulness, and resilience, as we consider these important life skills.
  • Through a focus on faith and the teachings of Christ, students learn to live with humility and justice.
  • Academic excellence is defined as each student developing to the best of their abilities.
  • Throughout our lives, faith and education continue to guide personal development.
  • Service encourages awareness of the needs of others, and we exercise this social responsibility to improve both ourselves and our community.

Mission Statement Graduate Profile

Graduates of Paramus Catholic High School are well-prepared, having received a quality education in a faith-based environment. We encourage all of our graduates to continue to live responsibly, embracing lifelong learning, community involvement, and spiritual practice.


Through their participation in an ethically responsible, faith-based community, which upholds the values of community, compassion, honesty, and respect, graduates continue to:

      • Place the teachings of Jesus Christ as a moral compass for future decision making
      • Listen and respond to their spiritual calling
      • Promote values of social justice for all human beings
      • Commit to making a positive difference in the world


As a result of the opportunity to develop talents and abilities, our graduates will embrace their gifts and continue to:

      • Participate as global citizens, contributing to civic life with productivity and responsibility
      • Demonstrate environmental responsibility, acting as stewards of creation
      • Lead by encouraging others to join in working for the common good
      • Uphold respect for others, and diverse beliefs and viewpoints


Based on their experience of education, including the opportunity to study a broad range of academic disciplines and master 21st-century skills, our graduates will continue to:

      • Demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning
      • Clearly and effectively communicate with others in a variety of settings
      • Utilize technology for constructive collaboration with others
      • Generate new ideas utilizing creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

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