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Paramus Catholic High School Mission Statement



  • We believe that students seek personal growth and actively participate in their own learning in order to build a strong foundation for future success. 
  • We believe that demonstrating ethical behavior in academic and social endeavors is necessary to take responsibility for our actions. 
  • We believe that demonstrating character, acceptance, and respect in all interactions lead to fostering positive relationships in school and community. 
  • We believe that by developing learners who take initiative and who are resourceful and resilient, we will prepare them for the multitude of possibilities after graduation. 
  • We believe that an education focused on faith results in a life lead through humility and justice lived out through the teachings of Christ. 
  • We believe that academic excellence means developing all students to the best of their abilities. 
  • We believe that personal development is an ongoing process that is directed by faith and education and continues throughout our lives. 
  • We believe that social responsibility means being aware of the needs of others and how we better others and ourselves through service. 



Graduates of Paramus Catholic, as a result of quality education in a faith-based environment, will thrive in the real, spiritual, and virtual worlds. 



Through having lived out our core values of community, compassion, honesty, respect, and responsibility, our graduates will … 

  • Embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ as a moral compass for making future decisions. 
  • Respond to the challenge of becoming all God calls them to be. 
  • Promote social justice for all human beings. 
  • Cultivate a personal relationship with God and engage in meaningful prayer and meditation. 
  • Commit joyfully to help those in need and to make a positive difference in the world. 



Through having engaged in a broad range of academic disciplines and through mastery of 21st-century skills, our graduates will … 

  • Commit to life-long learning. 
  • Communicate effectively in a variety of settings, using the appropriate medium. 
  • Collaborate effectively in a technologically-infused environment. 
  • Create new ideas, through original and innovative thinking. 
  • Utilize analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 



Through having developed their own special talents, gifts, and abilities, our graduates will … 

  • Be productive, global citizens. 
  • Participate responsibly in civic life. 
  • Act as stewards of God’s creation and demonstrate environmental responsibility. 
  • Encourage and lead others to work for the common good. 
  • Respect diverse views and beliefs. 


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