Why Paramus Catholic

Why Paramus Catholic High School is One of the Best Catholic High Schools in New Jersey

As one of the best Catholic high schools in New Jersey, Paramus Catholic High School offers a friendly learning environment, opportunities for students to excel, and extracurricular activities that round out each student's learning experience. We keep class sizes small to meet the needs of each student, and we believe in adapting our learning environment to each generation of students.


Friendly Learning Environment

The positive, friendly environment at Paramus Catholic High School supports students by creating a family-like setting. Students and instructors from diverse backgrounds establish a comfortable, safe atmosphere for learning and developing a greater sense of faith.


A positive learning environment goes beyond a student's high school experience. After graduation, former Paramus Catholic High School students are poised to thrive in real life, in the technology-based virtual world, and in their spiritual lives. 


Beautiful Campus Setting 

Our beautiful campus setting at Paramus Catholic High School spans a total of 27 acres. The campus grounds include indoor and outdoor training facilities for athletics. We also have playing fields on-site for our teams to practice and host games, such as lacrosse and football.


Indoors, our full-size gymnasium seats 900 people for indoor games, such as basketball. We also have an amphitheater where students study, practice, and perform music. 


Clubs And Faith For Student Enrichment

Extracurricular clubs are among our students' lists of favorite offerings. These clubs provide a chance to engage with other students on favorite topics. Club activities also support learning efforts in educational topics, such as language arts.


We offer numerous clubs to support students in exploring their interests. Our clubs also encourage a sense of friendship and family among students who share some of the same interests. While not a complete list, some of the clubs available for students to join include:

  • History club
  • Drama club
  • Italian club
  • Paladin News Network (PNN)
  • Disabilities awareness club

Winter And Summer Sports

Athletics are included in the Paramus Catholic High School experience to help students enjoy a well-rounded education. We offer spring, fall, and winter sports for year-round athletic enjoyment. Whether students want to participate in a sport for the love of the game or to establish themselves as athletes to attract college scholarship opportunities, there are options available. Sports we offer include:

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Spring track 
  • Lacrosse for both boys and girls
  • Dance
  • Cheer
  • Soccer for both boys and girls
  • Cross country
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Bowling
  • Ice hockey
  • Indoor track
  • Basketball for both boys and girls
  • Wrestling


Excellence And Scholarship Opportunities

High-quality education from Paramus Catholic High School opens doors for students. Students enjoy scholarship opportunities as well as the chance to participate in honors courses and AP courses that earn college credit. The vast majority of our students — 99% — go on to college with scholarships for educational and athletic excellence.

The average amount of college scholarships awarded to each Paramus Catholic High School student who went on to college in 2018 was $50,000. This was more than the cost of tuition for four years at Paramus Catholic High School.


Call Us To Learn About One Of The Best Catholic High Schools In New Jersey

At Paramus Catholic High School, under the leadership of Dr. Stephanie Macaluso, Principal, we believe in providing individual attention to each student. We offer individual guidance as a way to support learning and encourage students to educational success. Please contact Admissions at 201-445-4466 ext 104, for more information.

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