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Paramus Catholic takes great pride in encouraging students and faculty to become involved in the life of faith - both in and out of the school community.  In addition to what is provided in school, students are encouraged to participate in their local churches, communities, and the world community.  A dedicated staff and two beautiful chapels help to create a strong sense of Catholic identity within the school.  Campus Ministry looks at the whole life of the student and strives to help students become the best people that God calls them to be. 


Sacraments and Worship

Students have the opportunity to celebrate daily Mass in one of our two chapels. Monthly all-school Masses help to foster a sense of who we are as a Catholic school, providing students with the opportunities to serve as leaders of song, choir members, altar servers, lectors, and Eucharistic ministers so that they may grow in their journey of faith. Opportunities for individual and class prayer are provided throughout the year. Reconciliation is offered during the Lenten season, or anytime from our priest chaplains.



Students may participate in a variety of weekend retreats that meet the ever-changing needs of our multicultural community. The life-long mission of PC is carried out through the stewardship of our student retreat leaders to their peers. This helps to deepen and enrich the faith of our school and shed new light on the vision of our spiritual growth. Some of our retreats are the freshman religion class retreats, all-school retreat days,  the weekend retreats "Circle of Life," "Gateway" and the "Search".


Leadership and Service

Students are also given the opportunity to participate in service to the school, local, church, and world communities via PC’s involvement with local religious and civic organizations. Through these experiences and peer leadership training, students go beyond the required classroom service hours and dedicate themselves to the lives of leadership, mission, and service. Some of these opportunities are:


Blood Drives, Food Drives, and Clothing Drives
Bridges Outreach to the Homeless, Food Bank, and Homeless Shelters (13th year)
PC Christmas Family Adoptions
Tutoring at local parish schools and YMCA Mentoring
Pink Out to benefit cancer research
Habitat for Humanity and Toys for Tots
Nursing Home and Extended Care Facility Volunteers
Camp Snowflake for disabled children
HUMC Cancer Center
Relay for Life
Jersey Cares


Paramus Catholic desires to give students the foundations of faith that they will use throughout their lives while helping students to realize that it is in these moments of experiencing God in others that great memories, friends, and life-long relationships are born.


Weekend Retreat Program

The life long mission of Paramus Catholic is carried out through the stewardship of our student retreat leadership team to their peers. This helps to deepen and enrich the faith of our school community. It’s helped to shed new light on the vision of our spiritual growth. Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of weekend retreats that meet the ever-changing needs of our multi-cultural student community. Paramus Catholic has a variety of introductory, leadership, and search retreats that help guide the students through their journey of faith while strengthening bonds of friendship and family­.

These retreats are coordinated by a team of students, parents, alumni, and faculty. They are offered at least six times a year. Retreats are offered both on and off-campus and provide opportunities where spiritual direction can be offered with all the comforts of home. In these environments, many great memories, friends, and relationships are born.


Service Hours for the 2020-2021 School Year 


For the 2020-2021 school year, the number of service hours required by students will be as follows: 

  • Freshmen –  10 Hours; 5 due November 3, 2020, and remaining 5 due by April 7, 2021 
  • Sophomores – 15 hours; 8 due November 3, 2020. and the remaining 7 due April 7, 2021 
  • Juniors/Seniors– 20 hours; 10 due November 3, 2020, and remaining 10 due by April 7, 202 
  • Senior Aquinas – 25 hours; 10 due November 3, 2020, and the remaining 15 due by April 7, 2021. 


Failure to submit hours by the above dates will be reflected in the Theology grade.  See Student Handbook under Service Hours for an explanation of grading. 

Students may complete some or all their service hour requirements during the Summer, between June 17 and September 8, 2020Service hour forms are available on the school website under the Campus Ministry pages. 

Completing hours/Service Opportunities 

Students are encouraged to achieve some of their service requirement through virtual service.  Please see Virtual Service Opportunities 2020- 2021 on the Campus Ministry page of the website under service opportunities. Students may also participate in other virtual service opportunities with organizations for whom they are already doing service. In all cases be certain to provide the appropriate verification. 

Paramus Catholic Campus Ministry realizes that many students are caring for younger siblings during the day and afterschool providing both childcare and tutoring.  This will be acceptable service, provided students attach a one-paragraph reflection of service to their service hour forms including details of responsibilities.  Parents may sign for these types of services. 

Students who are volunteering with neighborhood organizations such as shopping for or helping the elderly or others in their neighborhoods should provide photos and/or letters from these neighbors or organizations as proof of service. In addition, in-school service, which has been approved will be acceptable. 

Since summer camps in NY and NJ are now open for the summer, any student volunteering at these camps is advised to obtain verification in the form of a letter on letterhead from the camp director or their immediate supervisor within 7 days of the camp ends. This letter should be sent to or  Failure to do so may result in these hours not being counted since after the camp closes for the year verification may not be possible. 

Other forms of service that students are participating in should follow the norms of past years. 

St. Teresa of Calcutta Service Award/Most Service Completed by Grade Level 

Students may still earn the St. Teresa Service Award for completion of 100 hours of community service and the Award for Most Service Completed by grade level.  Students should submit all service hours to their Theology Teacher by March 1, 2021.