Admissions » Transfer Student Application for Our School in Paramus, New Jersey

Transfer Student Application for Our School in Paramus, New Jersey

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Paramus Catholic High School is a college-preparatory, co-educational high school in Paramus, New Jersey within the Archdiocese of Newark. We offer a well-rounded education that is grounded in faith-based values. Taking a personalized, community-focused approach to learning, our curriculum includes over 140 courses, many of which are honors and AP level. We welcome transfer students transitioning to our school from other districts and strive to help make the admissions process as smooth as possible.

Required Technology Each student at Paramus Catholic High School is required to bring their own iPad to school each day. With everyone able to utilize these portable, tablet-style devices, it is easy to connect with our state-of-the-art wireless network for class activities, group projects, and private study time. We specify that students use the Apple iPad platform for several reasons:

  • All Paramus Catholic High School teachers are equipped with iPads. When everyone in the community uses the same device and system, it reduces the loss of time over technical difficulties.
  • Many, if not most, applications are published first in iOS (the Apple operating system), and this includes e-books and educational programs. Apple has a long-standing dedication to improving education and providing resources, and we think it's the best choice for our teachers and students.
Students need to utilize the resources available for research and learning that are available with Internet technology. By taking advantage of the convenience and portability of iPads, all students at Paramus Catholic High School can access class materials and educational resources inside the school and at home.

Transfer Student Application Process

Students are accepted annually. However, transfer students are not admitted into senior year. Exceptions to this rule would mean approval by our principal due to extenuating circumstances. Admissions approval is determined according to our most current standards. Archdiocesan Co-op test scores, academic records, and recommendations are taken into account during the decision-making process.

The primary steps for students to transfer to Paramus Catholic High School include:

Step 1: Register Online

Create an online account to begin. If you already have an account because another child in your household is a student, or you had applied previously, you may log in with your current credentials. Please note that school accounts should be created using a parent's or guardian's email address only.

Step 2: Complete the Application

This step is done fully online once you have logged into your account. When the initial application is complete, you will receive an email. The next critical step is to send to Paramus Catholic your grades from the three previous years. Official transcripts are required.

Step 3: Transcripts

You will receive a confirmation email from us. Submit Official Transcripts.

Step 4: Interview

Following a review of submitted transcripts, prospective students and their families will be contacted to set up an interview. Interviews do require the presence of a parent or guardian of the prospective student.

At that time, families will be given a Transfer Packet. This packet and all corresponding documentation, must be complete before the next step of the enrollment process. 


Once you have completed the application and other forms, please reach out to our admissions department. Our advisors will discuss the next steps in the student transfer process.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 201-445-4466 ext. 104

Once the initial steps are complete, please gather your student's transcripts from the previous three years of education and submit them to the admissions department. This can be done via email. After our department obtains and reviews the necessary documentation, they will reach out to you to schedule an admissions interview.

Additional Information for Parents/Guardians and Students

Each transfer student must also complete a transfer form that confirms the transfer is not subject to disciplinary sanctions at the student's previous school. All transfer students are subject to an academic and disciplinary probationary period during the first full year of attendance.

All transfer students must complete a New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) transfer waiver form upon registration. This form confirms that the transfer is not for an athletic advantage or consideration. Once the waiver is completed by the parent or guardian and the student, we'll process the form with your previous school district.

Financial Aid for Transfer Students

Students interested in attending Paramus Catholic High School may apply for financial aid to help cover the costs of tuition. Financial aid is available to those who qualify, and several options for funding are available. Types of assistance may include:

  • FACTS payment plans
  • Scholarships
  • Alumni grants
  • Sibling discounts
  • Catholic elementary school teacher discounts
  • Continue the Mission

Information regarding tuition, financial aid, and scholarships is available online. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about Catholic school costs, transfer student scholarships, and other financial details.

Experience Student Life Firsthand

Students who want to see what life is like at Paramus Catholic High School can become a Paladin for a day. As part of this hands-on program, prospective students visit our campus and immerse themselves in our school community. Through this program, you will experience the following:

  • Daily schedules
  • Class sizes and learning environments
  • Teacher and student communication
  • Our scenic campus
  • Student activities

We also collect freshmen testimonials for our website and provide personalized campus tours. These give prospective students and their families the chance to see what our school is truly like together.

Become a Proud Paladin

Begin the student transfer process today. Located in Paramus, NJ, Paramus Catholic High School offers students a unique opportunity to learn and grow in Christ. We also offer a student wellness program, which helps young people find ways to proactively impact their learning environment and manage their overall well-being. For more information about local and international transfer student application processes and our Catholic school, contact us today.