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Student Clubs and Activities

At Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, New Jersey, we emphasize the important benefits that an active schedule can bring to our students. From Broadway Club to Model Congress, our co-ed Catholic school provides faith-based extracurricular activities for your children to thrive in their own personal interests, build their resumes with important skills, and more. It is all part of our mission to equip our students with a well-rounded coed college preparatory education that fosters spiritual adults ready to make a lasting impact on the world.

Our vast array of clubs focuses on arts, language, science, and many other areas, including the following:

Paramus Catholic High School offers a variety of clubs and activities for all students. The offerings of clubs give the student body the opportunity to explore beyond the world of the classroom. Students are afforded the opportunity to act, sing, code, learn CAD, and a multitude of other opportunities. All clubs and activities are moderated by a PC faculty member. Meeting times are posted on the Morning Announcements located on families' Blackbaud accounts. For more information on clubs and activities, please contact Kevin O'Hara at [email protected]

3D Printing Club

Activism Club ~ Liliana Sarkis

African American Club ~ Mr. Vaughn Dudley

Art Club ~ Mr. Austin Schaller

Aspire Club ~ Ms. Liliana Sarkis

Broadway Club ~ Mrs. Lauerman, Ms. Chipinelli

Book Club ~ Ms. Chiappinelli

Chess Club ~ Mr. Joseph Tedeschi

Comic Book Club ~ Mr. Jason Wejnert

Drama Club - FALL :

Mr. Luke Frangione, Mrs. Camille Lewandowski, Mr. Stefanos Hunter


Mr. Luke Frangione, Mrs. Camille Lewandowski, Mr. Stefanos Hunter

Environmental Club

Fashion Club ~ Ms. Danielle Johnson

French Culture Club ~ Ms. Liliana Sarkis

Inspirational Movie Club ~ Migdalia Gomez

Investment Club ~ Mr. Dennis O'Brien

Italian Culture Club

Japanese Culture Club ~ Mr. Michael Dorrian

Model Congress ~ Mr. Michael Dorrian

Model UN  ~ Mr. Michael Dorrian

PC Post ~ Mr. Jason Wejnert

Ping Pong Club ~ Mr. Matt Conboy

Philanthropy Club ~ Ms. Liliana Sarkis

PNN/Video Club/Video Yearbook Club ~ Mr. Jason Wejnert

Quiz Bowl ~Mr. Luke Frangione

Rock Climbing Club ~ Mr. Matt Conboy

Rubik's Cube Club  ~  Dr. Sarkisian

Ski Club ~ Mr. Matt Conboy

Social Media Club  Mr. Vaughn Dudley

Spanish Culture Club ~ Ms. Alianna Lopez

Student Council: 

 Dean McKenna, Dean Mineo, Dean Fava

Talent Show:

Mr. Luke Frangione, Mrs. Camille Lewandowski, Mr. Hunter Stefanos

Video Games Club ~ Dylan Dorrian

Yearbook Club ~  Mr. Justin Pedrick

  • If a club does not exist that your child is interested in, we welcome ideas and gauge interest across campus for starting a new club.

Musical Opportunities: For students who enjoy playing an instrument or singing, Paramus Catholic High School features several musical opportunities, including:

  • Orchestra
  • Brass choir
  • Concert band
  • Concert choir
  • Jazz band
  • Marching band
  • Musical production
  • Pit band

News and Government:

Paramus Catholic High School gives students the unique opportunity to gain exposure to both news and government practices. Our activities in this field include Mock Trials, which are great opportunities for students interested in law and provide the experience of a courtroom. We also offer Model Congress, where students can play the roles of and participate in a realistic congress setting, as well as Model United Nations (UN).

Further, students interested in broadcast journalism can participate in our Paladin News Network (PNN). Providing a behind-the-scenes look at television production, students get the chance to practice their skills in a variety of positions, from producers to news desk anchors.


Tech Opportunities, Leagues, Yearbook, and More

We are proud to offer the classic high school experience of creating a class yearbook and being a part of a video production team. There are also competitive opportunities to participate in, such as the following:

  • Quiz Bowl
  • Science League
  • Retreat Team
  • And more.

Learn More About Our Unique, Beneficial Extracurricular Activities for Students

Our campus in Paramus, New Jersey, serves families from the entire region with a high-quality, coed, respected Catholic education that serves students throughout their entire lives. Our host of extracurricular activities not only enhances this education but also provides students with opportunities to socialize, build essential skills, and thrive in their interests. For more information, contact Paramus Catholic High School today.