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Guidance for High School Students in the Paramus, New Jersey Area

Dear Students and Parents,


It is an honor and privilege to introduce myself, Dr. Lucille Verina the newly appointed Director of Guidance at Paramus Catholic High School.  My inspiration to lead is rooted in a deep conviction, joy, and sharing in the integral formation, faith, and education of young people.  


The Director of Guidance works collaboratively with Guidance Counselors, Specialists, and Department Deans to meet the counseling, testing, and college placement needs of our students.  The Guidance Department also maintains close communications with parents and teachers allowing the opportunity to develop a strong support network for our students.


The Paramus Catholic Guidance Department will be regularly updating information by the first Monday of each month, so please we encourage you to check for new information on Black Baud.  Thank you for your dedication to our students and my sincere best to you and your families as we journey through our school year together.  


Peace and All Good,

Dr. Lucille Verina 

Director of Guidance 

[email protected]

201-445-4466 Ext.151

The guidance department at Paramus Catholic High School helps students develop spiritually, academically, and socially to further the overarching mission of our institution. Our guidance counselors dedicate time and effort to meet the unique needs of each student. As one of the few co-educational private schools for students living in Paramus, New Jersey and surrounding towns, we provide a structured and safe environment for students to learn and grow.


The Importance of High School Guidance

At Paramus Catholic High School, we're proud to have a strong team of guidance counselors. School guidance counselors help students navigate physical, mental, emotional, social, and academic challenges. Counselors also work to make school a more inclusive and compassionate environment where every learner can succeed. These goals are accomplished through several services, such as:

  • Academic support and study strategies for students with specific learning needs
  • Assistance for students dealing with social issues
  • Access to therapists and psychiatrists for students with long-term mental health issues
  • Help for students applying to colleges, trade schools, and jobs
  • Guidance for parents and guardians seeking ways to better support their children

Our Guidance Department Services

The Paramus Catholic High School guidance department assists students differently, depending on their grade level. In ninth grade, we focus on the students’ transition to high school, academic success, and involvement in extracurricular activities and service projects. We continue to supervise this progress for the next three years until the students graduate. For the last two years of high school, our focus shifts to college and post-graduation goals:


College Guidance

When students reach 11th grade, we conduct meetings with them to explore their college options. Our counselors look at grades, involvement, and location to guide students in selecting the appropriate college. At this time, we also introduce students and their parents or guardians to the Naviance program, a software system that streamlines the college search process. Additionally, we hold a junior parent meeting to give parents and guardians more information on the college process.

After students have time to think about college in 11th grade, they can concentrate more on applying to schools in 12th grade. Our counselors conduct personal interviews with students and their parents or guardians to gain insights into their college plans. The department also sponsors a college fair and seminars on financial aid and the college application process for further assistance.


Additional Guidance

We extend academic guidance to all students, but we also offer special counseling to those experiencing difficulties in school. In some cases, we facilitate parent-teacher and student-teacher meetings to resolve these challenges and enhance the overall learning environment.

The guidance department also organizes all standardized testing, including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP. We give students the strategies they need to succeed in these examinations. Additionally, we provide accommodations to the curriculum for IEP and 504 service plans. Parents and guardians who request these accommodations must have their service plan reviewed by the Administration.


Learn More about Our High School Guidance Department

At Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, NJ, our guidance department is focused on helping our students succeed. We believe every student should have the opportunity to reach his or her highest potential. Contact us today for more information.



Dr. Lucille Verina

Director of Guidance

Email: [email protected]

ext. 151


Steven Kroeger

School Counselor

ext. 159

email: [email protected]


Vanessa Barreto

School Counselor

email: [email protected]

ext. 153


Kaitlyn Homberg

School Counselor

email: [email protected]

ext. 158


Aaron Mandel

School Counselor

email: [email protected]

ext. 156


Susan Kusnic

Guidance Office Coordinator

e-mail: [email protected]

ext. 131