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Guidance Department in Paramus, New Jersey

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The learning environment at Paramus Catholic High School is co-created with students, faculty, staff, and the administration. Each department plays its part in supporting the academic and spiritual well-being of all students at our faith-based high school. The guidance department supports our diverse student body in a variety of ways, upholding the core beliefs and values contained in its mission statement.

As high school guidance counselors at a co-educational Catholic high school in Paramus, New Jersey, which is part of the Archdiocese of Newark, we welcome the opportunity to get to know each student and help them as they advance toward future goals.

A Letter from the Director of Guidance

Dear Students and Parents,


It is an honor and privilege to introduce myself, Dr. Lucille Verina the newly appointed Director of Guidance at Paramus Catholic High School.  My inspiration to lead is rooted in a deep conviction, joy, and sharing in the integral formation, faith, and education of young people.  


The Director of Guidance works collaboratively with Guidance Counselors, Specialists, and Department Deans to meet the counseling, testing, and college placement needs of our students.  The Guidance Department also maintains close communications with parents and teachers allowing the opportunity to develop a strong support network for our students.


The Paramus Catholic Guidance Department will be regularly updating information by the first Monday of each month, so please we encourage you to check for new information on Black Baud.  Thank you for your dedication to our students and my sincere best to you and your families as we journey through our school year together.  


Peace and All Good,

Dr. Lucille Verina 

Director of Guidance 

[email protected]

201-445-4466 Ext.151

Our High School Guidance Counselors

Assigned a specific counselor as incoming freshmen, students remain with that same counselor for the remainder of their time at Paramus Catholic High School. The job of the high school guidance counselor is to help students with everyday challenges. We are here to help with every aspect of the students experience, including the academic, intellectual, interpersonal, emotional, and personal.

Providing a consistent presence throughout their four years of high school, the guidance department provides support for both the physical and mental health of our students. We can assist students and their families with recommendations for therapists and psychiatrists when helpful. By providing resources to parents and guardians who want to better support their children, the Paramus Catholic High School guidance department contributes to student health, wellness, and achievement.

We recommend that all students meet with their guidance counselors at least twice a year, but they can meet more frequently as needed. Paying close attention to their academic progress, we provide frequent input regarding preparation for college or other future plans. We also provide personalized, confidential support for students when needed. We consider the relationship between each student at Paramus Catholic High School and their high school guidance counselor integral to student success.

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Receive Year-by-Year Support

The role of the Paramus Catholic High School guidance counselor consists of many tasks, including helping students select courses and meet graduation requirements. We help students shape their high school academic careers with an eye to college admission standards and preferences. Facilitating meetings with faculty members, administrators, parents, and guardians as requested, the guidance department is a valuable resource for students.

We support students as they discover their academic and social interests, helping them find appropriate student activities, clubs, and, service projects. In addition, students are required to meet with their guidance counselor if they want to change their class schedule.

Students receive the following year-by-year guidance department services:


Counselors assist new students as they transition to high school schedules and expectations. Meetings are prioritized if interim reports suggest students are struggling or failing to meet requirements.



Continued monitoring helps counselors keep up with students progress. Regular meetings are scheduled to discuss post-high school plans and college applications.



Assisting both students and parents during the senior year, guidance counselors help with advice and resources around transitions to college, trade school, and other post-graduation plans. We are available for students and their families.


Please note: Parents and guardians can request the guidance department provide accommodations to the curriculum for Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 service plans. Administration approval is required.


College and Career Guidance for High School Students

The guidance department offers financial aid workshops and an annual college fair. Students and their families can take advantage of innovative, web-based tools to help them create a plan for after graduation from Paramus Catholic High School. We can assist orientation to these tools, including:

The high school counselor is also responsible for helping students schedule the standardized tests often required for college applications. We can also suggest study strategies for examinations. The guidance department provides information about NCAA Eligibility Center to student-athletes, as well as Selective Services System (SSS) registration for male students.

  • Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • American College Test (ACT)

Learn More About How We Support Our Students

The guidance department at Paramus Catholic High School is committed to the success of our students. For more information about our school in Paramus, New Jersey, contact us today.

Dr. Lucille Verina

Director of Guidance

Email: [email protected]

ext. 151



Aaron Mandel

School Counselor

email: [email protected]

ext. 156


Susan Kusnic

Guidance Office Coordinator

e-mail: [email protected]

ext. 131