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The Guidance Department works collaboratively in furthering the mission of Paramus Catholic: the spiritual, academic and social development of each student. Guidance counselors serve students in all grades. 


For 9th grade, the focus is on the transition into high school, academic success, and involvement in the school community through service and extracurricular activities. 


For grades 10th through 12th, academic progress continues to be monitored regularly, along with continued involvement in extracurriculars. 

Counselors intervene and assist students who may be experiencing difficulties and encourage the students who are meeting with success. Counselors will facilitate parent-teacher and student-teacher meetings as needed. 


For 11th grade, the college exploration process is in full gear. Counselors will explore and assist students with the process of navigating and selecting appropriate colleges for application depending on their grades, involvement, location, etc. The Naviance program is utilized for both students and parents. The Guidance department sponsors a Junior Parent Meeting for parents/guardians to further educate on the college process.


The 12th-grade guidance program focuses on the college selection and application process. College advisement includes personal interviews with each student,­ as well as with parents. The guidance department sponsors a College Fair and seminars on the college application process and financial aid for students and parents.


In addition, the Guidance Department coordinates all standardized testing (PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP) and provides additional information to help students make wise academic decisions. 


The Guidance Department provides some accommodations to the curriculum for IEP and 504 service plans. Any parent/guardian who is requesting accommodations should have their service plan reviewed by the Administration. 





Dr. Lucille Verina

Director of Guidance


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Dana Figueroa

School Counselor


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Courtney Loder, LPC 

School Counselor


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Brandon Rajkovich

School Counselor


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Susan Kusnic

Guidance Office Coordinator


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