Dear Paramus Catholic Families,

Paramus Catholic High School is an academic community that combines both faith and education. Its mission statement differentiates itself from all other schools in many facets. Paramus Catholic is dedicated to the development of the total individual. This is driven through Faith, Academics, and Service. Faith is integrated into the rigorous academic curriculum, taught by faculty who inspire, instruct, and encourage all who sit before them. Service is a requirement at each grade level which instills the value of giving: putting social justice into actions. The future generation is being prepared every day at Paramus Catholic as our young people are beginning to become an integral part of the world in which we live. We at Paramus Catholic High School believe in establishing a strong unity with families, which helps to foster the complete person as each student is prepared to become a faith-filled responsible citizen. Confidence, respect, and integrity are virtues that are nurtured every day, for four years, day by day.


Qualities of honesty, respect, and accountability fill our hallways. Students are encouraged to develop a deep relationship with God and to always keep their families close to their hearts.

My commitment to the students who attend Paramus Catholic is to give them all the tools needed to become faith-filled valued members of society.


I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

Dr. Stephanie Macaluso