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Scholarship Programs for Students in Paramus, New Jersey

An important way that the guidance department at Paramus Catholic High School serves our students and families is by helping them identify scholarship opportunities. We can also help navigate the application process for scholarships and grants. Whether scholarship programs for high school students are directed towards high school tuition payments or financing college, our high school counselors have experience with both the scholarship application process and our students.


Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, New Jersey, is dedicated to helping our students reach their goals. Learn more about our scholarship programs. 


It Pays to Meet Regularly With Your Guidance Counselor

Incoming freshmen are assigned a guidance counselor who remains with them until graduation. Guidance counselor duties include twice-yearly minimum meetings and helping select courses to meet graduation requirements. We also help students think ahead to college applications as they craft the direction of their high school career. This may include helping them choose beneficial student activities, advanced placement classes, or other learning programs
Research shows that high school students who regularly meet with their high school counselors are more likely to receive financial aid for college. And, of course, there are other benefits to our students when they have a consistent, experienced counselor with whom they can discuss new academic interests, aspirations, goals, and accomplishments. 


Search Engines and Scholarship Programs for High School Students

We provide students and families with lists of helpful search engine platforms designed to help find scholarship programs for high school students. These focus on finding funding for college. In addition, we provide a list of scholarship programs that may be a good match for our students. These lists are updated as we receive new information. 
Similar to grant funding, scholarship programs usually do not require repayment. These types of aid are not loans but a gift to the student. However, students must often meet certain post-funding requirements, such as choosing a specific major or degree subject, meeting a stated grade point average, or reporting back in some way to the funder.

Scholarships for Attending High School

Our community is firmly dedicated to helping students and families meet tuition obligations. As a private Catholic high school, a key element of our philosophy is to serve a diverse student population. 

We welcome students from a variety of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, as well as academic abilities. Families who need help with tuition payments can access several options for funding. It is necessary to apply for financial aid through a confidential third party. 

There are substantial scholarships awarded to our Aquinas Scholars. This program is joined by invitation only and designed for motivated, academically gifted students. Entry is evaluated based on student performance on the Archdiocesan admissions exam, as well as academic achievements in grades seven and eight. 

Opportunities for Grants and Aid

We are always searching for new ideas and sources for scholarship programs for our high school students. Here are a few other grant and aid opportunities for students:

  • SFIC Newark Archdiocesan Sponsored Program, scholarship fund for inner city children
  • Tri-County Scholarship Fund, limited to those living in Passaic, Morris, and Sussex counties
  • Columbus Citizens Foundation Scholarship, for students of Italian heritage
  • Alumni Pride Grant, $500 tuition discount for children of alumni
  • Sibling discount, $1,000 tuition discount per child for families who already have an enrolled sibling
  • Catholic Elementary School Teacher’s Discount, $500 tuition discount for children of teachers with a current contract

Get Help With Scholarships and Grants 

Students who attend Paramus Catholic High School benefit from excellent academics, a caring faculty and administration, and the strength of our school community. We want all of our students to succeed. That’s why we are dedicated to helping families find funding sources to help with tuition payments and afford college or university. 
Our guidance counselors and administrators work closely with students to find scholarship programs for high school students in Paramus, New Jersey. For more information, contact us today.