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Catholic education is an investment and many families struggle financially in an effort to secure a faith-based education. Donors, like you, can help bridge the financial gap. In donating, your contribution can help to make a family's dream come true and to continue the mission of offering an excellent faith-based education.




“Attending Paramus Catholic is one of the best decisions my family and I have ever made. Not only did they instill core values and lessons that I will use for the rest of my life but they introduced me to a family who I will know and love until the end of time. Throughout my time there, I was able to receive an affordable private school education while being given the opportunity to earn a football scholarship to attend a four-year university. Without the Continue the Mission fundraiser and the support from the administration and staff, all of this may not have been possible. For the rest of my life I know that wherever I go I will always carry a piece of Paramus Catholic within me.”  Jose


  Donor Tiers

Continue the Mission of Catholic Education


Faith, Academics, Security, Wellness - $7,000 and up

The Donor will be recognized at the annual Legacy Gala, have a park bench engraved with a personalized message placed on-campus, showcased in all production programs, the alumni magazine as well as the commencement program.


Legacy- $5,000.00 - $6,999.00

3 x 5 Banner displayed on the PC Football Stadium and showcased in all production programs, the alumni magazine as the commencement program.


Paladin Gold - $1,000.00 - $4,999.99

Donor's name engraved plaque displayed in the front lobby, showcased in all production programs, as well as the commencement program.


Black and Gold - $500.00 – 999.99

Donor's name is listed in Paramus Catholic’s yearbook and showcased in all production programs as well as the commencement program. 


Paladin Pride $250 - $499                                                                                                                                                                                     

Showcased in the production programs as well as commencement programs.


Champion  – up to $250.00

Showcased in the commencement programs.


Paladin Sponsor
Donations that help to send a child of financial need to Paramus Catholic. Donations remain anonymous.


“Paladin 425 Through the Years”

Attention Alumni ~

Paramus Catholic could use your help. Over the years there have been 52 graduating classes of Paladins. It is our hope that each of our alum contributes to our Alumni Fund. Imagine what we could do for our students if each alum were to make a contribution, no matter the amount. We have a powerhouse of graduates and they can in turn give back to Catholic education by supporting our mission.



Paramus Catholic has greatly contributed to the lives of my family.  I graduated from PC in 1978, my sister, Maria, in 1989 and my daughter, Stephanie, will graduate in 2022.  Much of who I am as an adult can be attributed to what I learned from PC.  Stephanie is thriving at PC.  She has made the Principal's List for every marking period that she has been there.  PC has taught her to strive to be a better student and person.  Thank you, Paramus Catholic, for the contributions that you have made to our lives. ~ Constantino Vieitez  '78


One of the reasons I chose to send Sofia to PC was the commitment of community service which is required of each and every student. I am sure that public schools have opportunities for students to do great things, but sometimes you need to lead your child in a direction that she may not have gone on her own. And now, two years later, Sofia was asked to speak to the freshman class about what community service means to her. So proud! #babysteps


My wife and I chose a Catholic education for both our girls early on.  Our oldest, who is now a senior at Paramus Catholic High School, started at Saint Joseph’s School in pre-K 4, and our youngest, who is a sophomore, also at Paramus Catholic, started SJS in kindergarten.  Although we knew that public schools offered a good education, we wanted more than that.  We wanted solid academics along with the knowledge that our children were growing up and being taught in an atmosphere that fostered service, morality, respect, and helped to ingrain in them the Christian beliefs that are at the core of our family.  They received all this and more.  The seeds that were planted at home and at SJS blossomed at Paramus Catholic, where they are both Aquinas Scholars, members of the Youth Ministry team, honor students, active members of the Catholic school community, and incredibly caring, smart, and wonderful young ladies.  We couldn’t be more pleased or proud of them.  As parents, you do all you can do to raise your children right, so where they spend most of their time during the year (school) is of paramount importance. We chose to ensure they were surrounded and taught (and yes, influenced) by others who held the same beliefs as we have, and it shows. We feel the investment we made in our children’s Catholic education paid off exponentially, and as we see them maturing into adults, we know we made the right choice.


Helping your child navigate a path for a successful future is challenging. Choosing Paramus Catholic for my son’s education is the best decision I’ve made as a parent. Being alumnae, I was apprehensive that 25 years later, perhaps the values and standards had changed along with the times. Not only has Paramus Catholic upheld the values and standards that I learned years ago, but they’ve improved and strengthened so much more. The feeling of being part of a family and a community of students who support one another is very real. The energy, enthusiasm, and inclusion of the entire student body is unsurpassed. Paramus Catholic encourages family input and involvement. They provide a safe, faith-based, environment for my child while encompassing the highest academic standards. Paramus Catholic teaches core values that translate into every aspect of becoming a mature adult. Paramus Catholic educates the whole child. Our gifted teachers and administration are committed to a positive and successful experience for every student. I could not imagine a better fit anywhere for helping our child grow both academically and spiritually. We are a proud legacy family!                    
-Kristen Gugliotta (Casatelli) Class of 1994
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As a fellow student of the Catholic educational system, I wanted the values and faith my children have been taught at home to be extended and reinforced at school. I knew with smaller class sizes, and a safe and welcoming environment,  the daily lessons in the Catholic faith, such as service to others, would create a strong foundation in my children's lives.  The teachers and administration at Paramus Catholic not only are committed to challenging the students academically but also setting examples and developing students morally and socially.