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“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”



To be Catholic educated means to live a life of service, justice, and understanding. Paramus Catholic High School keeps its tuition affordable for families because we understand the value of a faith-filled education. However, not all costs are covered by our tuition. To cover every expense through tuition alone would require us to raise our cost beyond what many families can afford. 


Paramus Catholic supplements its budget through facility rentals and financial contributions from alumni and donors. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, PC can continue in our mission to develop young men and women that demonstrate character, acceptance, and respect, and who are resourceful and resilient.


We invite you to be a part of the tradition of giving. To be a Paladin is to be Proud and Charitable.


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Paramus Catholic Donor Tiers



While Paramus Catholic tries to keep its tuition as affordable as possible, the reality is that there are still families that can not afford to give their children a quality faith-filled education. The Continue the Mission scholarship fund was created to assist families of students who are in good standing that need financial help.



Paramus Catholic strives to be the leader in faith-based, Christ-centered education. A gift in the name of Academics helps offset the cost of research materials, CAD and Robotics' course materials, professional development, books, and online subscriptions.



This scholarship was established in 2019 in loving memory of Anne Donovan PC ‘78 by her siblings. Two scholarships will be given annually in her name. One recipient will be a rising junior and one recipient will be a rising senior, each a female athlete who displays the character and values that Anne exhibited during her lifetime.



Paramus Catholic offers more than 24 interscholastic varsity sports and more than 30 extracurricular clubs and activities. These teams and clubs are an important extension of the learning experience. A donation in the name of Athletics and Extracurriculars helps offset the cost of our Activities budget allowing for the continued development of the whole student.



Each year there are both planned upgrades and unexpected repairs. A gift in the name of Capital Improvements allows Paramus Catholic to maintain a safe, efficient, and modern facility for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.



Paramus Catholic offers a robust arts program both in the classroom and after school. A gift to the Fine and Performing Arts helps with the purchase and rental of art supplies, instruments, stage sets, and costumes, as well as travel to band performances and competitions.



Grants and state aid help Paramus Catholic stay current with technology and the ever-changing needs of the students and staff. Not all upgrades are covered through these grants. A donation in the name of technology not only helps with the purchases required to upgrade our technology and infrastructure, it will help in the training of the staff to use this technology to its full potential.



A donation from a Paladin Patron is a sponsorship of a single student at Paramus Catholic. These sponsorships have a big impact on the lives of our students. The Patron donation typically covers 50-75% of a student’s tuition, or you can sponsor a student in full. To become a Paladin Patron please contact Scott Langan in the development office at 201-445-4466 ext. 121.

Frequently Asked Questions

If tuition does not cover the budget why not raise tuition?

Many of our students already receive financial aid. Raising tuition would force families already struggling to withdraw their children from Paramus Catholic. By making an investment in Paramus Catholic you become a part of the learning experience. A donation to Paramus Catholic High School is also tax-deductible, tuition is not.


How can I donate?

You can donate online through the INVEST TODAY links, you can mail a check payable to Paramus Catholic High School to the Development office, or you can send a payment through Venmo @ParamusCatholic. If you are mailing a check or paying through Venmo, please make certain you indicate which area you would like your donation applied to, or simply write Please use my donation where it is most needed


What is the difference between a Donor and a Sponsor?

A donor typically makes a general donation to the school or towards a specific school campaign. A sponsor donates to a specific event and receives recognition at that event. Paramus Catholic has several opportunities throughout the school year for sponsorships such as our annual golf outing and our Legacy Gala. If you would like more information about these events please contact the Development Office at 201-445-4466 ext 121.


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