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Technology Instructions in Paramus, New Jersey

At Paramus Catholic High School, technology is an integral element in the educational process. Computer technology allows teachers and students to access information together and adds to the creative, interactive process of classroom teaching. Our teachers use technology and other academic tools to improve the quality of education for students. Through wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) technology available on school grounds, members of the community share educational resources to the best advantage.

Required Technology

Each student at Paramus Catholic High School is required to bring their own iPad to school each day. With everyone able to utilize these portable, tablet-style devices, it is easy to connect with our state-of-the-art wireless network for class activities, group projects, and private study time. We specify that students use the Apple iPad platform for several reasons:

  • All Paramus Catholic High School teachers are equipped with iPads. When everyone in the community uses the same device and system, it reduces the loss of time over technical difficulties.
  • Many, if not most, applications are published first in iOS (the Apple operating system), and this includes e-books and educational programs. Apple has a long-standing dedication to improving education and providing resources, and we think it's the best choice for our teachers and students.
Students need to utilize the resources available for research and learning that are available with Internet technology. By taking advantage of the convenience and portability of iPads, all students at Paramus Catholic High School can access class materials and educational resources inside the school and at home.

Important Notes about Apple iPad Devices

Please note that iPhones and iPods are not substitutes for the iPads required for each student. Educational discounts are available for the purchase of an iPad through Apple. The following devices are acceptable:
Click the link above to receive educational discounts from Apple.
  • iPad Pro (any model)
  • iPad (6th generation or newer)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation or newer)
  • iPad Mini (5th generation or newer)
iPads should be updated to a minimum of iOS 15. Since older models do not allow newer operating systems, only these models are useful for students and teachers. We expect students to utilize Wi-Fi at the school, so there is no need for a 3G, 4G, or 5G cellular iPad. These require monthly data plans, are more expensive, and operate more slowly than the Wi-Fi technology available at Paramus Catholic High School.
If choosing the iPad Mini, please realize that the screen size is smaller. Otherwise, Minis of the specified generations can accept upgrades and operate at the required level. Some students prefer a smaller device, whereas other students appreciate a larger screen size for viewing and keyboarding.
All iPads should be enrolled in iCloud, which is a free service provided by Apple. With iCloud, students can more easily save and access their files, and this technology also helps find devices when they’ve been misplaced.

Student Email Accounts

Paramus Catholic High School students are also required to have an individual Google or Gmail account. Read these instructions to find out how student login information and credentials can be accessed. Once set up, students and parents can navigate this system, along with the educational Blackbaud system for email communication, password-protected Wi-Fi access, cafeteria payments, grades, class schedules, and assignments.
Through Google, students also access the Google cloud platform, which facilitates file saving and sharing. Students receive emails from the school in their Gmail accounts, so they should be checked frequently. While on campus, students are also able to access their email, files, and educational resources using one of the many desktop computers and chrome books that are available for their use, in addition to their personal iPad.

Further Technology Recommendations

In addition to the iPad, we have found that students benefit from acquiring a few other technology items, such as:

  • An Apple Pencil is useful for taking notes and submitting digital assignments.
  • iPad screens are breakable and suffer malfunction if accidents happen. Please include a case for your student’s iPad that covers the screen. We recommend sturdy cases of the type manufactured by Otterbox or LifeProof.
  • Extra iPad chargers come in handy. Students can leave one at home and carry one with them. That way, there's always a charger available overnight so that students can bring a fully charged iPad to school with them each day.
  • Bluetooth keyboards are lightweight and portable and make keyboarding so much faster and easier than the onscreen keyboard. Consider adding a separate keyboard to the Apple iPad.

High School Educational Technology in Paramus, New Jersey

At Paramus Catholic High School, our philosophy for educating students is inclusive and responsive to student needs. Modern education and life require computer technology, and so we incorporate this to enhance and expand our curriculum. With student safety in mind, we utilize Apple iPads, the Blackbaud system, and Google accounts, so that teachers and students can communicate, research, learn, and excel. For more information about Paramus Catholic High School, contact us today.