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Catholic Academics in Paramus, New Jersey

When students enroll at Paramus Catholic High School, they enter a welcoming environment that is focused on providing quality academic programs. We are also dedicated to a faith-based mission that encourages personal growth, ethical behavior, and service. As the largest co-educational high school in Paramus, New Jersey, we offer beautiful campus facilities and a strong sense of community. Our advanced academic programs are among the many reasons that parents and students choose Paramus Catholic High School.


Curriculum & Academic Programs

Courses taught at Paramus Catholic High School help prepare students for college. Our course offerings are diverse, supporting the needs and interests of all students. Academic excellence is defined as each students developing to the best of their abilities. Classes average 25 students, and none of the classes at Paramus Catholic High School exceed 30 students. We also offer eight academic pathways within the curriculum to aid students with their preparation for college majors. Instruction is provided at the college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement levels. 


Academic program subjects include:


  • Theology: Offerings include Christ-centered teachings, as well as world religions, and philosophical exploration.
  • English: Offerings include study skills, world literature, creative writing, and journalism.
  • Mathematics: offerings include algebra, calculus, robotics, and statistics. 
  • Science: offerings include biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, zoology, anatomy, and physiology, engineering, and environmental science
  • Social Studies: Offerings include world history, U.S. history, psychology, sociology, political science, economics, and criminal justice.
  • International languages: Offerings include French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, and basic Japanese.
  • Computer technology: Offerings include programming, computer science, and computer-aided design.
  • Business: Offerings include accounting, business principles, laws, and ethics, marketing and public relations, and personal finance.
  • Fine and performing arts: Offerings include design, drawing and composition, photography, studio arts, digital media, video, and music education with piano, guitar, concert band, choir, voice, dance, and theater.
  • Physical education and health: Offerings include athletic performance, introductions to sports medicine and physical therapy, and driver education.


All academic programs at Paramus Catholic High School are designed to allow students to deepen their involvement with academic subject matter. They can also earn college credits. Explore these options for individual learning programs:

           The Aquinas Scholars Program

Academically gifted students are invited to become Aquinas Scholars. This academic enrichment program features advanced placement courses and a senior-year interdisciplinary seminar.

           The Project Acceleration Program

This academic program is offered in conjunction with Seton Hall University. it provides motivated students with the opportunity to earn up to 22 transferable college credits from Seton Hall University before graduating high school. Students who meet the requirements can participate in Project Acceleration, as can Aquinas Scholars.


Utilizing Immersive Technology

Our faculty uses technology in and out of the classroom to enhance interaction with students. Each Paramus Catholic High School students brings their own Apple iPad to school every day to facilitate the integration of technology and faculty instruction. Additional technological resources are available to support our academic programs, including:


  • Computer labs
  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi
  • Library media center
  • Digital photography and CAD/CAM lab
  • Television studio
  • Virtual High School online courses


Student Wellness and Guidance

We strive to help our students build a foundation for success. An important aspect of that foundation is a supportive guidance department and our student wellness program. The faculty, staff, and administration of Paramus Catholic High School work together to create an environment conducive to learning with innovative initiatives:


  • No tests scheduled or homework due on Mondays
  • Virtual learning study scheduled on Fridays
  • Bi-monthly Wellness Fridays, with school ending at 12:30 on those days


 Students are encouraged to voice opinions and suggestions to the Principal's Impact Team.


Enable Your Student to Achieve Academic Greatness

We encourage interested students and families to visit our beautiful, 27-acre campus. Paramus Catholic High School Provides a dynamic, comprehensive education for students in Paramus, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Discover how our faith-based Catholic education encourages every student to grow and find success. We provide a wide variety of academic programs and helpful academic tools. For more information about admissions and our advanced academic programs, contact us today.