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School bus for Paramus Catholic High School in parking lot

Our vision and mission in this department are to work with parents, school, staff, and coaches to enhance communication with mutual respect, to provide safe, efficient, and reliable transportation services for all the students at Paramus Catholic High School who are transported to and from school, extracurricular field trips, or for sporting events sponsored by the school.  Our commitment to excellence is to safely transport students, with a faith-based focus allowing our drivers to act with caring behavior while encouraging the positive development of our student community.




Department Responsibilities:

  • Provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation services.
  • Monitor all district and non-district bussing for all students attending Paramus Catholic High School.
  • Ensure that our drivers and staff members are well-trained, educated in transportation-related issues, and remain safe and professional school bus operators both on and off the road.
  • Maintain the safe, cost-effective, and mechanical operations of the Paramus Catholic High school bus fleet and provide preventive maintenance and when necessary repair service. 
Bill McPartland – Director of Transportation

    201-445-4466 ext. 199    Email:

Eneida Valente - Assistant to the Director of Transportation 

Email: Ext.118


Our mission is safety, our faith is in God, and our department is always moving forward. 

See you up the road! Have a great school year!


A Paladin is a Champion
A Paladin is a Champion