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PC Creed -
PC Student Class of '21

As a Paladin family, we promise to cooperate with one another, and work to understand each other and the people around us. We promise to be example for future Paladins, and be an inspiration to younger students.

As a family, we will follow Christ with all of our heart, and have a good connection to our faith. We believe in respecting Catholicism and any other religion that walks through our school doors.

We promise to try not to give headaches to our teachers, to respect each other and show discipline in our studies. We believe in ourselves to be a better and advanced person for our unpredicted future. We believe in our school community to put us on the right path for better things to come.

We believe in our parents to trust, love, and respect any decisions we make in our daily lives. We will promise to put in maximum effort for the sacrifice our parents are making to send us to this school. We promise to work hard and live up to their expectations to ensure our future is secure.