Catholic Education as Told by a Paladin!

The spiritual journey of my faith has been greatly impacted by my school. In conjunction with the theological religious education provided by Paramus Catholic, the volunteer services and the spiritual Circle of Life retreats have created a unique, Catholic experience that has enriched my faith. The greatest part of Paramus Catholic’s theological education is its focus on the meaning behind the traditions and practices of the Catholic Church. I have experienced an awakening of faith by fully learning the true focus of love, acceptance, and peace that is the truest form of Jesus Christ’s commandment of love. I have never achieved so much emotional and spiritual growth until I participated in the Circle of Life retreats. I have never felt so vulnerable taking part in the emotionally enriching, and extremely therapeutic, parts of the retreat that have taught me important life lessons that I will never forget. I learned to see hope in life and find the meaning of my struggles through these retreats. For that, I thank Paramus Catholic with all my heart. Our school does not just teach us about Catholicism but also brings us to see it as an essential part of our lives that will guide us through the most difficult times of our high school experience. It teaches us to truly live out our faith. Volunteering in community service has introduced me to many different people and places, connecting me to so many different stories. It allowed me to see the meaning and value of helping others and that there is an enjoyable side to it as well. Giving four years of my life to Paramus Catholic was a decision that ultimately decided the height of my spiritual growth and appreciation for the Catholic faith and community.