Marching Paladins

Marching Paladins in Paramus, NJ

One of the most entertaining and exciting aspects of Paramus Catholic High School for those who live in Paramus, New Jersey, and the surrounding area, is hearing and seeing the Marching Paladins in action. This stellar high school marching band is an important part of our dynamic campus community, where students are encouraged to participate in both arts and athletics. The marching band connects students through music, dance, and school spirit.

What Is a Marching Band?

You’ve seen them at college bowl games and in televised parades. High school marching bands are similar. Students play musical instruments, dress in elaborate uniforms and helmets, and dance in formation along to their music. The Marching Paladins include color guard members, who carry identifying banners and flags while they dance, twirl, and keep time to the songs. Here are some of the musical instruments featured in the Marching Paladins:


  • Percussion section or drumline includes snare drums, bass drums, and tenors
  • Brass includes trumpets, mellophones, horns, euphoniums, baritones, trombones, tubas
  • Woodwinds include flutes, clarinets, alto and tenor saxophones

Why Join the Marching Paladins?

Students who participate in high school marching bands enjoy being part of a lively band that practices often and attends a variety of high school athletic events. It’s also a great way to make friends and participate in fun school spirit activities. Musicians find marching band a valuable outlet for their musical talents, and an excellent way to deepen their knowledge of rhythm. Dancers love to move in formation, and thrill to the opportunity to perform. And students who are passionate fans of the Paramus Catholic High School athletics teams can cheer on their fellow students.


Letters, Scholarships, and Service Hours


Marching Paladins don’t just cheer for the athletes competing at Paramus Catholic High School games, band members also earn varsity letters for participation in fall sports. For students who want to continue marching in college, there are scholarship opportunities and tuition credits available at many institutions of higher learning. The teamwork and dedication to practicing that mark the Marching Paladins make these marching band members good candidates for college admission.

The service hours required of all students at Paramus Catholic High School can be earned through the activities of this high school marching band. Performing in community events, such as local holiday celebrations, as well as high-profile occasions, such as the Columbus Day Parade in New York City, is counted toward student service hours.


Band Summer Camp


Incoming freshmen and transfer students who are interested in marching band are invited to a two-week summer camp. During this fun and strenuous camp experience, students can make new friends and become familiar with the team atmosphere of the Marching Paladins. Camp includes activities such as practicing how to march in formation, learning dance moves, rehearsing musical selections, and exploring a variety of musical instruments.

If students are interested in learning to play a musical instrument and want to become a member of the marching band, the Director of the Marching Paladins will help them choose an appropriate instrument and arrange for lessons. Music instruction can be included in the student’s school day schedule.

Join the Marching Paladins in Paramus, NJ

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the marching band is an integral part of the high school athletics program in Paramus, NJ, and the surrounding area. Modeling teamwork and school spirit, these students gain valuable performance experience, accelerating their musicianship and dance resume. If you have questions about how you or your child can join the Marching Paladins at Paramus Catholic High School, please send an email to [email protected].


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Begun in 2009, the Marching Paladins are proud to be the only marching band in a Catholic high school in northern and central New Jersey.
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