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CAD Design in Paramus, New Jersey

Computer-aided design, also called CAD design, is an extremely useful tool. A wide variety of professional designers, drafters, and creatives use this computer software to create two- and three-dimensional representations within a virtual environment.

At Paramus Catholic High School, students can take CAD design classes as part of our computer technology program. This is one of the high-quality academic programs available to students at our coeducational college prep school in Paramus, New Jersey.

What Is CAD Design?

In CAD Design, experts use computers and software to design buildings, cars, furniture, machinery, and more. By creating a two- or three-dimensional figure to examine and manipulate virtually, it is possible to find possible errors and problems.
Designers can work with their designs in a digital workspace where it’s easy to modify and edit the creations. With CAD design, drafters and designers can construct several iterations, test possible constructions, and gather options for presentation purposes. It also enables greater collaboration among team members.

There is a great degree of specialization in modern technology, and CAD design is no exception. From packaging to industrial manufacturing processes, CAD design is an important tool. It allows a great level of detail to be visualized in a virtual space. 3D printing gives physical form to CAD designs for testing texture and other aspects. 

Used across economic sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and consumer retail sales, CAD design also benefits a broad spectrum of scientific research and artistic endeavors. Technology and computer science are some of the academic pathways supported by the curriculum, faculty, and administration of Paramus Catholic High School. 

Careers That Use CAD Design

At Paramus Catholic High School, most of our students attend college after high school graduation. We’re dedicated to helping them prepare for college-level classes, as well as college applications. Students who focus on technology and computer science find that learning CAD design benefits their potential career choices. Professions that use CAD design include the following:
  • Architecture
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Engineering
  • Drafting
  • Interior Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Product design

Computer Technology Program at Paramus Catholic High School

The facilities at Paramus Catholic High School include five science labs, as well as a CAD/CAM computer lab. These allow students to design and manufacture with computer-aided technology. Courses offered in the Computer Technology Program include computer programming with Python and Visual Basic, 3D CAD Design I and II.
In addition, we offer two Advanced Placement Computer Science courses, Computer Science A and Computer Science Principles. With these courses, students learn how to use CAD design techniques, experience manufacturing designs using 3D printing technology, and develop programming knowledge. When students choose to pursue advanced placement classes, they can take tests and earn college credit.

Paramus Catholic High School offers students a strong grounding and exploration of mathematics, including algebra, calculus, robotics, and statistics. Our science curriculums include biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, zoology, anatomy, and physiology, engineering, and environmental science. Through these course offerings, students can explore STEM subjects and discover which disciplines most appeal to them. Individual learning programs and project acceleration are also available. 

The guidance department assists every student, helping them choose classes, prepare for college, and develop personal and educational goals. Assigned a counselor as an incoming freshman, our students have the same counselor through graduation. We find that this kind of support helps students succeed.

Choose Catholic Education in Paramus, NJ

The mission of Paramus Catholic High School is to help students grow, thrive, and excel. Faculty, administration, students, and parents all work together to help students achieve to the best of their ability. We’re dedicated to instilling values of good citizenship, community service, and spiritual growth. To this end, we provide a rich curriculum that allows students to discover their talents and interests. Important skills, such as CAD design, are offered to help prepare students for the demands of modern technology. For more information about applying to Paramus Catholic High School or our CAD Design program, contact us today.