Paramus Catholic High School Sports Medicine Trainer’s Medical Volunteer Program

Paramus Catholic is proud to announce an Internship opportunity with our Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Internship Program for current Juniors and Seniors! 

 A letter of recommendation from a licensed healthcare professional trained in orthopedic rehabilitative medicine If accepted into the program, you have the opportunity to observe Medical & Orthopedic assessments and rehabilitative treatments as well as:

Earn service hours towards your PC requirements without leaving PC Campus

Earn a certificate of completion from the vice principal/ director of athletics upon successful season’s completion   

Meet allied healthcare providers from all disciplines that come to visit PC to talk about their medical field profession 

Those students completing multiple seasons will receive a personalized letter from our                        

Team Doctor, Dr. Frank Alberta and/or Dr. Chris Cherian****

Learn how injuries and illnesses are treated within the scope of practice of PC's Sports Medicine Clinician  

Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.